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Participation Requirements

Requirements for the IHIN participation:

IHIN participation includes Direct secure messaging for all organizations, and Patient Look-Up Service (Query) for approved organization types. Please check the list provided here to determine eligibility for your organization. Participation using Direct without Patient Look-Up is available to any organization who works with healthcare Protected Health Information.  This includes organizations dealing with any part of healthcare such as those dealing with medication or drug use, healthcare legal work, child health, etc.  IHIN participation includes all of the core functions which include electronic submission of state reportable labs or immunizations, electronic submission to the State Cancer Registry, and Connectivity to Iowa Medicaid Enterprise programs.

In addition to the Participation Agreement, IHIN Privacy Policies and Security Policies contain detailed requirements for participating organizations. Be sure to become familiar with all of your responsibilities. 

Please Click here to view the IHIN Privacy and Security Policies Page.


If you don't find what you need here, feel free to email us at or call IHIN at 866-924-4636.

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