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Direct Secure Messaging

Sign up today for IHIN Direct  which provides Direct Secure Messaging to any healthcare organization who sends and receives Personal Health Information (PHI) also called Personally identifiable information (PII). If your organization is not listed specifically on the pricing sheet then you can e-mail us in advance or submit your IHIN Direct Participation Agreement and let us know you need specific pricing.  IHIN Direct enables you to safely and securely send and receive PII between yourself and all other participating healthcare organizations.   See the following link for additional information about this national standard:


Just complete, sign and e-mail the Direct Secure Messaging Participation Agreement to


Healthcare is making significant strides forward, now catching up to use of technology in other fields. Connect to the IHIN today and continue your growth as a 21st century healthcare professional.

Watch a brief overview of why electronic health records and a health information network are so important.