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Under the direction of the e-Health Advisory Council, several volunteer workgroups and subcommittees have been established to identify the objectives and action steps necessary to promote the adoption and use of health IT in Iowa.  The Advisory Council, workgroups, and subcommittees are comprised of diverse stakeholders from public and private entities including healthcare providers, professional associations, government, payers, educators, researchers, and consumers.

If you are interested in joining a workgroup or subcommittee, please contact us.


Communication and Outreach Subcommittee
Provide communication and marketing expertise on a comprehensive communication strategy to reach providers and consumers.
Evaluation Workgroup
Provide guidance and recommendations regarding health IT assessments and evaluation activities.
Governance & Finance Workgroup
Business and Financial Sustainability Workgroup
Infrastructure and Services Workgroup
Assess and make recommendations regarding the IHIN services (e.g., continuity of care document, medication history, lab results, and population health data) and necessary infrastructure, including hardware, connectivity, and software.
Lab Interoperability Subcommittee
Research and share specifications for labs to interface with the IHIN, and discuss technical assistance needs of labs in Iowa.
Privacy and Security Workgroup
Make recommendations for policies and procedures that will provide protections to consumers and providers and secure trust and support for IHIN.
Provider Adoption Workgroup
Research and make recommendations on ways to achieve widespread adoption of certified EHRs and to promote participation in the IHIN.
Provider Directory Subcommittee
Gather information about provider directory requirements and develop a list of core data elements to be included.

The next time you're in your doctor's office, ask them if they participate in the Iowa Health Information Network. If not, please mention our website,

Watch a brief overview of why electronic health records and a health information network are so important.